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Tahu Bulat v 4.0.2 Mod Unlimited Money | 15.2 MB

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Berjudul : Tahu Bulat APK

For gadgeteers who live in the area of ​​Bandung, Cianjur, Bogor, and surrounding areas, may not be familiar with the idea unanimously. Food is typical Tasikmalaya has become a trend because many are sold above the pickup truck, in addition to how berjualannya unique, the seller knows the round has a sound track of its own that is familiar and easy to memorize "Know round, fried impromptu, five hundred, savory, tasty nyoi ..." ,

And now, the Bandung-based game development company that Own Games capitalize on the popularity of food out of this round into a game with the same name as the food that is to Know Round.

As its title suggests, this game invites gadgeteers to sell out round. Gadgeteers will act as a business owner knows rounded, complete with speakers, pickups, and large-sized skillet to fry him. As a seller knows round, players are required to sell as much as possible out round.


How to play the game is not difficult, gadgeteers have to do is press the touchscreen smartphones only. Whenever we menenkan screen, you will hear a recording soundtrack round out lyrics such as: "Know round, fried in mobi dina katel, impromptu, savory savory nyooii ..."

Later, money from the sale to know the players can use to buy equipment and improve sales. There is a lot of equipment that can be upgraded so that the benefits can gadgeteers more. Starting from the tent, pickup, then the kitchen to make out, as well as speakers to attract buyers. In addition to selling equipment, the player must pay attention to the recipe used to make sense out of artificial round gadgeteers not terkalahan.

Unfortunately, for some devices there are still bugs and occasional crashes. Bugs happen is the loss of distinctive voices singing songs out round, and crashes are common because the game runs fast and many buyers are coming. But all of that does not interfere with the fun of this game.

How? Gadgeteers interested in playing a game out of this round? Although it sounds simple. Make no mistake, the game know this Round successfully reached one million downloads since its launch last May 14, 2016. Of course, this figure includes loads for local game developers. Unfortunately this game is only available on Android and iOS have to wait first. To be able to download via this link.

Tahu Bulat - indah "simulator tapa" di mana gamer akan memulai usaha kecil mereka di sebuah restoran di atas roda. Sebuah dikonversi truk protagonis tua pergi ke jalan-jalan untuk menjual makanan sangat lezat dan minuman. Seolah tak ada habisnya pelanggan untuk makanan lezat segera memungkinkan untuk memodernisasi peralatan, untuk memberkati dengan fitur baru dan memperluas menu, yang akan meningkatkan pelanggan berulang kali.

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- Mobil Dan Resep baru!
- Sistem Berita (ADA Kode voucher gratis loh s.d. 20 Juni 2016).
- Peningkatan performa permainan
Informasi tambahan
18 Juni 2016
1.000.000 - 5.000.000
Versi sekarang
membutuhkan Android
2.3 dan up
konten Penilaian
Nilai untuk 3+



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