Jumat, 05 Februari 2016

Mod BBM Naruto V2.12.0.9 Apk | 16.8 Mb

- On this occasion android-aplikasi.com admin will share the MOD BBM application that this time was made by Ken Trangga. And the theme this time is the Leaf Ninja are now becoming Hokage 7. He is Naruto. You Narutolovers? MOD BBM shall try this one.

Naruto is one of the BBM BBM MOD is eagerly awaited by lovers of anime especially Narutolovers. Naruto BBM is made by BBM Official V2.12.0.9 available on Google Play Store. which, Base of BBM Naruto is the latest base which is updated January 28, 2016 last. Broadly speaking, the overall look of this fuel is definitely the main character Naruto Uzumaki itself already this teenager. Ken Trangga wrapped with a stylish and neatly so unsightly and operated by your BBM connoisseurs artificial MOD him. There was also a feature unique features which you can read in the description below.

Gambar Tampilan : 

Fitur-fitur Mod BBM : 
  • Move to SdCard
  • On/Off Block Read Status
  • Flexible Rounded DP
  • Post Image to FB
  • Hide/Show DP
  • Auto Rotate
  • Flash Lamp
  • Lock Mode
  • Reload
  • Full DP
  • Clone
  • etc.

Link Download : Mod BBM Naruto V2.12.0.9 Apk | 16.8 Mb

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