Kamis, 25 Februari 2016

Mod BBM MIUI 7 Android V2.12.0.9 Apk | 14.9 Mb

- BBM BBM MOD MIUI 7 is made by Revaldo Pratama Putra. Modder this one is the originator and manufacturer of BBM MIUI. BBM is designed based on the base of BBM Official V2.12.0.9 in google PlayStore.

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Revaldo put forward the design of BBM MIUI to see this to be more elegant and looks like MIUI 7 real. BBM MIUI interface that has a very indulgent of your eyes when applying. Revaldo make it as detailed and neat as possible so that you are comfortable to mengguanakn MOD BBM her work. Although forward design, he also did not forget to add a few features that you will be required to try one by one. What are the features of the BBM MIUI 7 this? Check out the explanation below.

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Fitur :

  • Ukuran apk minim ketimbang Resmi
  • Post Image to FB
  • Reload BBM
  • Backup Data to SD Card
  • Show Full Display Picture on Profile
  • Private Mode
  • Set Display Picture without Cropping
  • Block/Unblock Read Message

Thank's : Revaldo Pratama Putra

Link Download : Mod BBM MIUI 7 Android V2.12.0.9 Apk | 14.9 Mb
Link 1 : cick here | Link 2 : click here  

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