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Mod BBM Material Light V5 - BBM Android V2.12.0.9 Apk | 15.5 Mb

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 Hey buddy, how are you doing today? last few days Ardhana network admin does not share the article because I was busy with other projects, so one of them is a project of BBM Material Light will share to you this admin. It's been long enough BBM Material Light admin not updating because of the problem of free time. And on this occasion, you can try again BBM Material Light created based on the latest version.

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The latest version of BBM Material Light is version 4 with the base of BBM Offiicial V2.9.0.45 if not mistaken, and will now admin update based on the version that is now confident version Material Light BBM is BBM with a color display material MOD, MOD BBM has some features that you will be required to try one by one. Admin makes it pretty neat so it will be very convenient when you use. In addition to a neat, flat course with style will make BBM such as fuel MOD Material Light Premium.

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Fitur :

  • Clone and unclone
  • NO ADS
  • Hide/Show Floating Action Button
  • Refresh/Restart
  • On/Off Big Display Picture
  • On/Off Big Drawer Header
  • Left/Right Slide Menu
  • Block Read Status
  • Autotext/ Bom PING!! at chat and Groups conversation
  • Lock Mode
  • Post Image to Facebook
  • Hide/Show Sponsored Update

Thank's : Teguh Ari Wibowo
Sumber : ardhananetwork.com

That was my friend, admin android-aplikasi.com the information provided to you regarding BBM Material Light V5. May be useful. And do not forget to give your complaint via the comments below if you are experiencing problems in the process of downloading and installing this MOD BBM application. And do not forget to share this article to friends of your friends to participate BBM attempting to install this material Light V5. Thanks.

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Link Download : Mod BBM Material Light V5 - BBM Android V2.12.0.9 Apk | 15.5 Mb
Unclone : click here | Clone : click here

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