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Mod BBM iOS Dark V3 V2.10.0.35 Apk | 13.8 Mb

- BBM iOS Dark V3, an MOD BBM is designed to use BBM Official V2.10.0.35. This BBM has a dominant display dark. BBM's iOS Dark V3, designed by Erwin Tommy. BBM iOS Dark V3 is suitable for you who like the color of dark colors for your smartphone.

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BBM display dark iOS is very minimalist. The combination of colors and a few icons, shall you plug in your smartphone android-aplikasi.com pal. Not only in terms of appearance alone, BBM Dark iOS also has several features that support the improvement BBM MOD on this one. Its one of the admin android-aplikasi.com explain is, their features Hide / Show Sponsored Update, this feature allows you to hide sponsore in BBM Feeds iOS Dark V3, besides, BBM is also no ads nesting. Both in Feeds, Add Contact, and other layouts.

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Gambar Tampilan : 

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Fitur-fitur Mod BBM :

  • Corner Radius Display Picture
  • Hide/Show Floating
  • Enable/Disable Block Read Status
  • Enable/Disable Full DP
  • Hide/Show Sponsor
  • No Backup free sticker
  • No Ads
  • Etc..

What's New :
  • Minim RAM Pengurangan Fitur
  • Perubahan Bubble Chat
  • Perubahan Versi

Link Download : Mod BBM iOS Dark V3 V2.10.0.35 Apk | 13.8 Mb
Not Clone | 13.8 Mb  : click here   |    Clone | 13.8 Mb  : click here

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