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Mod BBM iOS 6 V3 V2.12.0.9 Apk | 15.9 Mb

You MOD BBM lovers? MOD BBM shall try this one. MOD BBM that was designed by Muhammad Zulkifli Ncieks is named BBM iOS 6, and on the occasion of today's admin will distribute to you of course are free. BBM is experiencing renewal iOS 6 version and the addition of several features, it is related to RIM Blackberry the BBM Official V2.12.0.9 Limited update that makes the base of BBM iOS.

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BBM made by base BBM V2.12.0.9 existing Official Google PlayStore this has a view that is already familiar if you know iOS 6, since BBM is to adapt the appearance of iOS 6. Muhammad Zulkifli mendesignnya Niceks very detailed and neat, certainly convenient for you to use later. As for the features of BBM pad V3 iOS 6 this, many Modder adds several features in addition to the default features that exist in software Portable APKTool made Trangga Ken, curious about other features? Check out the explanation below.

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Fitur Portal :

  • Flexible Rounded DP
  • Hide/Show Pic in List Chat
  • Mode Grayscale
  • Hide Notif Inbox
  • Hide Sponsor
  • Block Read
  • Full DP

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Fitur Tambahan+ :

  • Change Navicon Maintab
  • On/Off List Driver List Chat
  • Change Size Teks
  • Hide Fab Chats nd Contacts
  • Position Maintab Top/Bottom
  • On/Off Big Profile
  • On/Off Big Drawer
  • Change Teks Color Ping !!
  • Change Teks Ping !!
  • Slide Drawer Right/Left

Fitur Update :
  • Perubahan Bubble Pada Chat
  • AutoText Chat and Group
  • More..

Special Thank's : Muhammad Ncieks Zulkifli
Sumber :

Link Download : Mod BBM iOS 6 V3 V2.12.0.9 Apk | 15.9 Mb

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