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Mod BBM Clash of Clans Android V2.12.0.9 Apk | 18.12 Mb

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- What a pal reportedly android-aplikasi.com. On this occasion, admin android-aplikasi.com will share an the application of BBM MOD long awaited by the users of Android, and also lovers of Clash of Clans. Because BBM that will be the admin of this share is BBM MOD with Clash of Clans scene.

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BBM Clash of Clans is admin android-aplikasi.com create your own using the base of BBM Official V2.12.0.9. Previously there was a person who makes BBM Clash of Clans is the Nda, but the current version is an older version. And at this time version, Clash of Clans BBM made by Teguh Ari Wibowo has many features that are all obliged to you try.
BBM Clash of Clans has a screen that is very neat and stylish. Because the admin tried before publishing it. Starting from the List view Chat, Feeds, until Conversation and other displays. Its BBM was not lost with other MOD. Curious about its features? See explanation below.

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Fitur :

  • Snow Effect
  • Refresh
  • Share BBM
  • Full Screen View
  • Lock Mode
  • Left/Right Slide Menu
  • Hide/Show Sponsored
  • NO ADS
  • Change Language
  • Incoming and Outgoing Bubble Color
  • Set Bubble Style
  • Set Ping Text
  • Auto Text
  • On/Off Block Read Status
  • Set Corner Radius Display Picture
  • On/Off Big Drawer Header
  • On/Off Big Display Picture Profile
  • Full Display Picture
Thank's : Teguh Ari Wibowo Sumber : ardhananetwork.com

Link Download : Mod BBM COC Clash of Clans Android V2.12.0.9 Apk | 18.12 Mb

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