Kamis, 19 November 2015

Mod BBM Superman Is Dead V2.10.0.35 | 14 Mb

 Hi Outsiders, on this occasion a netwondroid-aplikasirk admin would distribute BBM MOD theme Punk Rock Band from Bali, namely Superman Is Dead. Suitable for you Outsiders - Outsiders Indonesia. BBM Superman Is Dead was designed by Ken Trangga, one modder BBM that brought many innovations in BBM MOD which are distributed by other modder modder.

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BBM SID, has a view to the main screen logo Superman Is Dead, and wrapped well with members of SID toolbar background. SID is mandatory BBM you try, and you must publish it to your friends, because the only place in Ardhana Network download BBM MOD easy and free. Of course you already know if you're a user who often wear MOD BBM, with features that are often embedded modder, less BBM MOD all the same features, only the difference is laying layout and a few other things.

SID to BBM itself, a feature you can read later in the description below. What kind of features this BBM Superman Is Dead? please be listened to.

Fitur-fitur Mod BBM Superman Is Dead V2.10.0.35
  • Full DP
  • Reload
  • Hide/Show DP
  • Flash Lamp
  • Off/On Block Read Status
  • Off/On Grayscale DP
  • Post Image to Facebook
  • Auto Text
  • Flexible Rounded DP
  • Load Front From SdCard
  • Lock Mode
  • Auto Rotate
  • Move to SdCard
Files from the application of BBM Superman Is Dead is uploaded to the app box, if you download the application via a PC or laptop and is no obstacle if the application can not be downloaded, try to use your smartphone to download the application. Because some of the files are uploaded to the app can be downloaded via the box most smartphones.

Appbox : Click Here

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