Jumat, 06 November 2015

Mod BBM Mix Blue V2.10.0.35 | 17 MB

android-aplikasi | BBM Mix Blue is BBM MOD designed by Azhar Rivaldi, if you look - see more details, BBM MOD is almost similar to the Windows BBM that once made by Trangga Ken, but now with the development of new uses based on BBM Official newest namely V2 .10.0.35. BBM made Rivaldi Azhar has many features that must try. One is the Language Change feature. This feature is a feature that can change the language of your BBM, there are several languages that you can try ardhanesia ya buddy. namely Javanese and Sundanese. For a while still two languages that you can try. This feature alone developed by Dhian Rusdhiana. Now for the other features in this Blue Mix BBM you can read Ardhana network admin explanation below.

Download Juga :
MOD BBM Black V2.10.0.35 | 17 MB
MOD BBM Full Transparent V2.10.0.35 | 15 MB
BBM Mod RetroIT V2.10.0.35 | 14 MB

Fitur-fitur pada BBM Mod Mix Blue :

  • Block Read Status
  • Full Display
  • Menu Pilih Bahasa
  • Pemilihan Grid & Animasi List
  • Dan Lain-lain
Note : 
  • If BBM blank, please go to the profile menu and click the icon blackberry
  • If You want to change Language & Animation Scroll in the menu settings
  • There Bugs? please comment
Downlaod Juga :

GoogleDrive : Click Here

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