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Mod BBM Masha and The Bear V2.10.0.35 Apk | 16 Mb

android-aplikasi | Hey, who is not familiar with this little girl who has a friend of the bear? yes, Masha and the Bear. Well on this occasion android-aplikasi.com admin will share BBM MOD Ken Trangga work. The theme that he made this time is Masha and the Bear. And FYI for you, the admin quote from Wikipedia about Masha and the Bear, Masha and the Bear (Russian: Маша и Медведь, Masha i Medved) is a Russian animated series produced by Animaccord Studios. This animated series tells the adventures of a little girl named Masha and the Bear which is temannnya. The series was created by Andrei Dobrunov, Oleg Kuzovkov, and Dmitry Loveiko.
The series first aired on Rossiya 1 ("Russia 1" at the time) on January 7, 2009.

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And, turning on the BBM MOD theme this time, Ken Trangga wrapped with so nice for you to enjoy. BBM that has a background Masha and the Bear also has a feature that required you to try. One of the features of this BBM is Lock Mode, features that allow you to lock the overall appearance of the BBM Masha and the Bear. There are also other features that you can try, learn more read the explanation below.

Fitur-fitur Mod BBM Masha and The Bear V2.10.0.35 Apk | 16 Mb
  • Clone
  • Full DP
  • Clone
  • Reload
  • Hide/Show DP
  • Flash Lamp
  • Off/On Block Read Status
  • Off/On Grayscale DP
  • Post Image to Facebook
  • Auto Text
  • Flexible Rounded DP
  • Load Front From SdCard
  • Lock Mode
  • Auto Rotate
  • Move to SdCard
Masha and The Bear file from the application of BBM is uploaded to the app box, if you download the application via a PC or laptop and is no obstacle if the application can not be downloaded, try to use your smartphone to download the application. Because some of the files are uploaded to the app can be downloaded via the box most smartphones.
It is BBM Clone, if you want to change it to Not Clone, can use Portable Software APKTool M2.5 you can download search google
To turn it Not Clone, enough to Clone tab and enter the package name into BBM. then save.

Appbox : Click Here

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