Jumat, 06 November 2015

Mod BBM Kakashi V2.10.0.31 | 15 MB

android-aplikasi | Naruto lovers, you are obliged to try ya BBM MOD this one. BBM that is designed by Ken Trangga this time themed Kakashi Sensei, he was one of the teachers at the academy Naruto over. Talking about Naruto, admin Ardhana network so reminisce with some chapternya, because admin one of the people who idolize Masashi Kishimoto made in this anime. But, we discuss its MOD BBM, BBM BBM MOD Kakashi is designed in such a way that use of BBM based Official V2.10.0.31. In addition to the default feature, Trangga Ken wrapped in some new features. What are its features? See explanation below.

Download Juga : Mod BBM The Last Samurai V2.10.0.31 Apk | 15 MB

Berikut adalah Fitur yang ada dalam Mod BBM Kakashi V2.10.0.31 :

  • Full DP
  • Reload
  • Hide/Show DP
  • Flash Lamp
  • Off/On Block Read Status
  • Off/On Grayscale DP
  • Post Image to Facebook
  • Auto Text
  • Flexible Rounded DP
  • Load Front From SdCard
  • Lock Mode
  • Auto Rotate
  • Move to SdCard
Note : Mod BBM Kakashi V2.10.0.31 adalah Clone BBM. BBM MOD Mod BBM The Last Samurai V2.10.0.31 tidaklah akan crash atau menimpa BBM yang telah terpasang sebelumnya pada smartphone sobat semua, ketika sobat install Mod BBM Kakashi V2.10.0.31 ini, sobat akan memiliki 2 BBM yang terpasang pada Smartphone sobat, yaitu yang terpasang adalah BBM sebelumnya dan Mod BBM Kakashi V2.10.0.31.


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