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Mod BBM Hybrid V2.2 V2.10.0.35 Apk | 15 Mb

www.android-aplikasi.com | BBM Hybrid V2.2, is made by the MOD BBM Lamayuda Azis. BBM this one has the look blend of maroon and white where there is another bandage that changes some of the Icon and the Line varied. Hybrid BBM V2.2 is designed to use base BBM Official of Playstore V2.10.0.35 where it is the latest base which is updated at the beginning of November 2015.

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Maybe you are also required to try out the features of thisBBM, because the modder provide a variety of features for your satisfaction in applying this V2.2 Hybrid BBM. One feature that would love to know the admin android-aplikasi.com is the feature "Lock Mode", many of you already know the usefulness of this one feature. But there's nothing wrong android-aplikasi.com admin explained, Features Lock Mode is used to lock the overall look of this V2.2 Hybrid BBM. You can give a password via the settings menu BBM. Other features how? See explanation below.

Fitur : Latest Mod BBM Hybrid V2.2 V2.10.0.35 Apk | 14.58 Mb

  • Lock Mode
  • Change Language 
  • Refrash BBM
  • Load Front From SC Card
  • Swirch on/off Auto Text at Conversation
  • Switch on/off Block Read Status
  • Switch on/off Grayscale Display Picture
  • Hide/Show Display Picture
  • Switch Crop/Full DIsplay Picture
  • Rounded Display Picture
  • Change Layout on BBM Settitng
  • Change Icon to Black Flat Icon
  • Fix Bubbe Chat
  • Dan Lain-Lain
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