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Mod BBM Flat V1 V2.10.0.35 Apk | 14 Mb

android-aplikasi.com |  Flat V1 BBM, BBM Android is designed with the base of BBM Official Playstore V2.10.0.35. This BBM has a different look and even almost 100% different from the official start BBM. Seen from the Line / The yellow line on each layout. Flat V1 BBM is made by Muhammad Ncieks Zulkifli.

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BBM Flat V1 is mandatory you try, because there are many features and also with a unique look, a little tricky indeed, but maybe you like the look of this kind of BBM. At the beginning of the chat in the list there is a float button that when clicked will display 3 vertical button that broadcast messages, change images and settings. In the slide show, modder add an analog clock on Display picture. In the arrangement, there are some additional menu that slides left or slide to the left. As you can see in the picture below the display, the images having yellow color slides, it is an additional feature, and other features can you see the explanation below.

Fitur :Latest Mod BBM Flat V1 V2.10.0.35 Apk | 14.47 Mb

  • Change Language
  • Change Animation
  • Refrash/Reload
  • Load Front From SD Card
  • Switch On/Off Floating Button
  • Switch On/Off Sponsored
  • Switch Full/Crop Display Picture
  • Switch On/Off Block Read Status
  • dan lain-lain
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