Sabtu, 07 November 2015

BBM Green Simple V2.10.0.35 Mod Apk | 14 MB

Simple Green BBM, BBM MOD is designed to use based on the BBM Official Version BBM MOD is designed by Budi Efendi. With a view that combines dark green and white, wrapped well with the icon - the icon that blends in BBM Simple Green, making its design is so elegant. Coupled also with some efficient feature that must you try.

Download Juga :
BBM Playfull Flat V2.10.0.35 Mod Apk | 14 MB

Simple Green BBM has a line on each side of the chat list and feeds. You can see in the picture display, the green lines encircling chat and feeds existing in Green Ssimple BBM. There is also a feature that required you try, one of which is a feature of Boom PING !!! or commonly called Auto Text. This feature is similar to the PING !!! that is in default BBM, but the difference is you can customize the word itself, and there is no limit to send Usually in no limit 3X Official BBM delivery. for other features, refer to the explanation android-aplikasi network admin below.

Fitur BBM Green Simple Mod V2.10.0.35 :

  • Reload/Refrash Button
  • Load Front from SD Card
  • Boom Ping (Auto Text)
  • Slide Layout Device Info
  • Block Sponsored Update
  • Shake to Clear RAM
  • Switch Crop/Full Display Picture
  • Switch On/Off Block Read Status
  • dan lain-lain

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