Kamis, 05 November 2015

BBM Blue Grid - BBM Android V2.10.0.35 | 14 MB

Some day yesterday on 3 November 2015 Blackberry Limited as the vendor of the application of fuel for the Android release updates the latest version, from that many some modder who makes his race to race again using the fuel based on the latest version, one of which is Budi Efendi , Modder this one re-release of the fuel with the view that flat, Ardhana network admins see a blend of color is almost similar to Instagram app, but no! this is not Instagram, this is a fuel with a few touches by Budi Efendi and change it in such a way

Can you see on the display list chat, there is a background with a blue stripe on each list chat. In addition there is also the appearance Feeds. Well for features and other views, you can download it directly only at Ardhana Network. Place android application download, free fuel MOD. and you can also get information - info other latest gadgets, as well as other interesting info info.

Back to topic, the features of the BBM Blue Grid is one of them is Slide Layout Device What's That? it is a feature that is used to see the info you gadget. Still no features - other interesting features, so what are you waiting? see explanation below and download the application BBM.

Fitur-fitur dalam BBM Blue Grid

  • Switch Crop/Full Display Picture
  • On/Off Blok Read Status
  • Load Font
  • Post Image to Facebook
  • Reload Button
  • Shake to Clear RAM
  • Slide Layout Device
  • Lock Mode
  • Dan Lain-lain


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